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What we do?


Boat Names

Are you looking for the perfect name for your sailboat, yacht, or fishing boat?

You came up with the perfect name but you don’t know what to do with is?


Calm down & call DARINKA SIGNS. We will guide you from start to finish. DARINKA SIGNS will help you choose the font, style, position, size, etc. You will see exactly how your boat name will look like on your boat before installation. DARINKA SIGNS provides you with the best service on Long Island with our creativity and quality work. Be sure, that we will create a name you will love.


Our boat names are utilize high quality vinyl with a variety of color choices including Gold Leaf (Real Gold) and Silver Leaf (Real Silver). DARINKA SIGNS design, manufacture and install everything including registration numbers, custom lettering and logos. Take a look at our gallery!


Schedule a site visit to measure your boat and take pictures. After photos are taken we will design your boat graphic to your specifications then manufacture it and install it.


DARINKA SIGNS is truly a one stop shop for boat lettering and graphics.

We service many cities around Suffolk Country, including Southampton, Hampton Bays, Riverhead, Flanders, Aquebogue, Mattituck and others.

A-frames & Yard Signs

A-frames & Yard Signs

As a business owner, you can't have too many signs!

People constantly walk up and down the street, passing your store with no regard to who you are or what you're selling. In fact, they don't even look up... BUT they will see sidewalk signs as they are directly in their line of sight.


Signage is a necessity! These portable outdoor signs attract people to your business by advertising your name or enticing potential patrons with sales promotions.

How are they made?

The most popular plastic sidewalk signs are manufactured from rugged polyethylene in the traditional folding A-frame style. Our coroplast/yard sign made by regular 3 mm coro.

Why get one?

Their biggest advantage is that they are virtually indestructible and hold up to tough exterior environments.

Since they don't dent or splinter, they make excellent signage choices for parking lots, garages, valet services, and construction zones as well. The size, design and shape options are endless!


Are you a real estate agent looking for your perfect OPEN HOUSE sign designed specially for you?
Are you having a yard sale or want to warn community about your big dog? 

DARINKA SIGNS will help you make it a reality! 

Call DARINKA SIGNS & you will get the best design service and professional advice you can find on The Island.

Banners & Flags

Banners & Flags

Want to increase your business’s visibility and optimize your marketing potential?

Custom designed banners & flags allow your store, shop, or office to stand out with a variety of affordable signage options or custom created banners. Create a unique gift for your daughter’s Sweet 16 Birthday, son’s Graduation, your friend’s party photo zone and more.

What are Feather Flags? 
Feather flag banners are the perfect outdoor and indoor signage solution for drawing attention to your business, product, or promotion. 

Banners and flags are done using your custom colors, custom size and custom design. It could be single or double sided, with grommets or without. We provide design services to match all your needs.

ADA & Office Signs

ADA & Office Signs

There are numerous rules under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that regulate compliance standards for ADA signage in facilities of all types. DARINKA SIGNS provide ADA-compliant signs that have been produced specially for your company, based on your design ideas and choices. We have a wide selection of materials and design options that make it easy to give your building the look and feel you want while making it more accessible and traversable for everyone.

Our services are extremely beneficial for businesses in a variety of categories, including:

Hospitality: Hotels constantly have new visitors coming through their doors, which means signage is extremely important to help those visitors find where they’re going. We develop room signs, exit signage, directories and other types of signs that are needed in the hospitality industry, and create those signs in a way that ensures accessibility for all hotel guests.

• Schools: Schools require room number signs, teacher nameplates, directories, exit signage and other signage that must comply with ADA standards to ensure all students have equal accessibility to the school’s facilities.

• Healthcare: Hospitals and clinics must pay close attention to ADA requirements, as patients and visitors especially are likely to have accessibility concerns - particularly elderly people with visibility and mobility problems. DARINKA SIGNS develops signage that is easily read by people of all ages and abilities. These same concerns are present in nursing homes and assisted living facilities; two additional types of buildings that are frequent customers of ADA signage providers and sign shops.

• Other businesses: While the above categories are certainly the most frequent types of clients who seek out ADA signage, all businesses have signage needs to some extent. Therefore, it behooves sign shops to be prepared to provide their services to businesses of all types and sizes by having a wide variety of ADA signage options at the ready.
DARINKA SGNS offers a versatile collection of laser engraving materials and supplies that are perfect for custom signage and award personalization as well.

For more information, contact our team today. We look forward to working with you.



Thin yet strong, car magnets can be attached to flat, smooth magnetic vehicle surfaces for advertising and growing your business on-the-go. Affordable, wind-tested and durable custom car magnets are the perfect choice for removable signage on personal or business vehicles. Use on metal, magnetic, and flat, smooth surfaces.

Car magnets are 100% customizable and paint-safe so you can design your own magnet, stick them on a car or truck, peel them off, and reuse them endlessly. 

Also it can be a great fit for a business info, one day you work and promote your business, another one you go on a trip and remove the magnet.

Facts you need to know about magnetic signs:

  • Thoroughly clean surface before installing

  • Will not damage vehicle paint with proper use

  • Temporary and removable

  • Works with cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, fleet vehicles, etc.

  • For maximum adhesion and longevity, remove and clean daily

Installation and care instructions must be followed closely:

  1. Place your magnet on a flat magnetic surface for 24 hours to restore magnetic memory.

  2. Clean the vehicle surface and magnet before installing it.

  3. Place the magnet on a flat magnetic vehicle surface (no curves, bumps, or molding)

  4. Avoid damage to your magnet or vehicle by removing and cleaning both surfaces frequently

  5. Remove magnets during car washes or when not in use.

Window & Vehice Decals

Window & Vehicle Decals

Our Vinyl Lettering and Decals are not only customizable and affordable but also higher quality vinyl with variety of color choices include Gold Leaf (Real gold that has been hammered into thin sheets by goldbeating) and Silver Leaf (Real Silver). 

Vehicle decals allow you to put your marketing information on the move, so every appointment or delivery becomes an opportunity to share your brand with customers. Even when you are on break, your vehicle continues the job by bringing you new clients on the go.

Advertising on your commercial vehicles, personally owned car, utility trucks or trailers does not have to be a full wrap. Some simpler, modest lettering can absolutely do the trick! In cases where you may need to share a location or telephone number, potential customers on highways and streets can know what your business is and who to call. This will certainly bring your business to the new level of professionalism.

Window decals are a great choice to advertise your business services, working hours or maybe just to give your store more privacy by covering your storefront with decals that describe your business. By putting window decals on front windows of your store, you can show people what you offering without entering inside.


It can be custom print of anything you want: decorate your walls, put your logo on your reception desk, name on your office doors and so much more!


Whether you know exactly what you want your decal to look like and say or you merely have a general idea, our experts will walk you through the process step by step.


We can take an idea - no matter how small and bring it to life.

We can’t wait to hear the stories of how your business has grown as a result of custom lettering and decals.

PVC & DuraBond Signs

PVC & DuraBond Signs

PVC signs, also known as polyvinyl chloride, are rigid signs that are made from a strong durable plastic. PVC is a hard plastic that is economical and extremely versatile for signage purposes. It is water and dent resistant, as well as flame retardant. These signs are customizable: choose the thickness, dimensions, design and more!

Durabond LTE is an economical, 3 mm thick Aluminum composite material with an aluminum skin on two sides of the polyethylene core. It will not RUST or BREAK! Works well in slip-in or bolt-in frames and hanging signs. May be a great choice for real estate signatures, construction signs, main business signs, etc.

PVC Cut Letters & Numbers. PVC, one of the most popular plastics, is a good choice for both interior, and exterior letters/numbers. The material is pre-finished, durable, has a refined detailed for up close viewing as well as durable enough to be used on exterior signs. Additionally, PVC is easily painted so color options are endless! It is CNC cut so they can be manufactured in countless fonts, as well as any custom logos that you are incorporating in your product branding. 

Contact us today to get a proof for our perfect PVC letters on your wall.

Engraved Signs

Engraved Signs

Are you looking for the perfect sign for your business, community, farm, etc?

Do you want a long lasting design that will never go out of style?

Engraved and Sandblasted signs showcase an artistic, classic quality for your brand. Our signs are available in color, sizes, shapes, and styles that best fit your brand. Carved and Sandblasted signs are typically: 

  • Provide custom shapes/sizes/design at your request 

  • Durable and ideal for outdoor use 

  • Works for any kind of business 

  • Available in a wide array of colors, including Gold paint

  • Your sign can be designed in front of you!

  • Lasts for decades and even longer

These unique signage options are most popular for residential neighborhoods, universities, hospitals & businesses.
We also provide services with town application approval that include meetings, paperwork, etc.


Order engraved sign today & we will provide you FREE ESTIMATE & proof according to your description.

Custom Graphic Design Services

Custom Graphic Design Services

Did you create a business but you don't know how to communicate it?

Do you have a name in mind but you don’t even know where to start?

DARINKA SIGNS providing next services: CUSTOM LOGOS, BUSINESS CARDS, STICKERS, FLYERS, BROCHURES, MENUS any kind of print production. We can take care of all your design needs.

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